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Aligned Goals

The Association of American Educators shares much in common with the charter school movement. Both embrace an innovative approach to challenging the status quo in education. AAE understands that charter schools need an association that does not stifle the school’s ability to implement changes that are in the best interest of the student. We provide teachers the liability protection and professional support they need without collective bargaining, lengthy contracts, or strikes. AAE promotes a philosophy of collaboration between staff and administration rather than the ineffective adversarial model of the past. We support freedom and flexibility in the classroom. We support accountability for all stakeholders. We believe providing students the best possible education is essential. Finally, we believe charter school growth should not be arbitrarily capped, but embraced as a public school movement designed to serve the needs of students.

Working Together

In a litigious society, all educators should be concerned with protecting their hard-earned personal assets with professional liability insurance. Membership in AAE includes a $2 million individual liability insurance policy and access to legal counsel—benefits that teachers have traditionally looked to unions to provide. With AAE membership, educators get the benefits they need without controversial aspects of union membership such as inflexible contracts or political candidate endorsements. We look forward to discussing the benefits and services AAE provides.

Next Steps

To reach an AAE representative at our partnership office about distributing AAE materials at your school, requesting an AAE representative present at your school, or purchasing AAE membership for all of your employees, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call our toll-free number at 877.385.6264.

For more about AAE, download our Charter School Leader Packet